what is delta comfort plus on international flights

Discover the perks of Delta Comfort Plus on international flights and elevate your travel experience.

Delta Comfort Plus is a premium economy class offered by Delta Airlines on international flights. It is designed to provide passengers with enhanced comfort and amenities compared to regular economy class. With Delta Comfort Plus, travelers can enjoy extra legroom, priority boarding, and dedicated overhead bin space.

One of the key benefits of Delta Comfort Plus is the additional legroom it offers. Passengers can stretch out and relax with up to 4 inches of extra legroom compared to regular economy seats. This is especially beneficial on long-haul international flights, where comfort is crucial for a pleasant journey.

In addition to the extra legroom, Delta Comfort Plus passengers also enjoy priority boarding. This means they can board the aircraft before regular economy passengers, ensuring they have ample time to settle in and get comfortable. This perk is particularly advantageous for those who prefer to have their carry-on luggage within easy reach or who want to secure space in the overhead bins.

Furthermore, Delta Comfort Plus provides dedicated overhead bin space for passengers. This means that even if you board the aircraft later, you won’t have to worry about finding space for your carry-on luggage. This convenience allows you to have a stress-free boarding experience and ensures that your belongings are easily accessible throughout the flight.

Overall, Delta Comfort Plus is an excellent option for travelers seeking a more comfortable and convenient experience on international flights. With extra legroom, priority boarding, and dedicated overhead bin space, passengers can enjoy a more relaxed journey from start to finish. So, the next time you plan your international trip with Delta Airlines, consider upgrading to Delta Comfort Plus for an enhanced travel experience.

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